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Post Placement / Post Adoption and Search Services

After a child is placed in your home, you will begin post-placement/post-adoption services. Typically, the Agency that completed your home study is the same agency that will complete your post-placement/post-adoption reporting. These reports vary in frequency and length based on the details of your adoption.

Even after your reports are completed and your adoption is finalized, Family & Children’s Agency is always available to support you. We provide the following services and resources:

  • Support as your child grows, including the Adoption Assistance Program
  • Annual social events and educational seminars
  • Agency newsletters, notices of workshops, play group networking, and parent activities
  • Referrals to adoption-competent support and services

Post Adoption Support

Family & Children’s Agency partners with the UCONN Health Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) to offer post-adoption support to families free of charge.

The AAP team consists of licensed social workers and case managers with extensive training and background knowledge in adoption. Services are provided throughout the State of Connecticut on a voluntary, short-term basis.

Services include assessment and brief counseling, referrals, case management, school advocacy, parent support, and more. AAP is not a crisis service.

For more information on the Adoption Assistance Program, please call (860) 679-4006 or visit the AAP website.


Family & Children’s Agency provides search services for adoptees and birth parents who may be looking to learn more information and fill in the missing pieces. FCA maintains files for those adopted through FCA domestically and internationally as well as other Connecticut Agencies. If you believe FCA can help you, please contact us.

If you are under 18 years old, you will need parental consent to begin a search.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your family is in need of support, we understand that you have a lot of questions. Rest assured our staff is here to help you understand the process. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

Is there a Search fee?

Yes. If we discover that we have access to your file at our FCA we can provide a search. During the process we provide emotional support and preparation. Family & Children’s Agency provides two types of search services:

Non-identifying search ($150) - We review your file and write up a summary of our findings, excluding any identifying information and provide that information to you. By Connecticut law we cannot release your file or identifying information.

Full search ($150 without the Non-Identifying report, $300 with the Non-Identifying report) - Utilizing databases and the information in your file, FCA can attempt to locate birth parents or children placed for adoption.

If you were adopted through FCA from South Korea we are able to work in partnership with KWS in Seoul to complete a search.

If we are able to locate the person you are searching for, we can request information and help to facilitate communication. All searches vary by case and can have very different time frames and outcomes. In the event of finding a birth parent or child deceased, you are legally permitted access to his or her identifying information.

Will my birth parent/child know if I initiate a search?

Birth parents or children will only be contacted at your request. This process is completely driven by you. We go at the speed you are comfortable with and wait for your approval before initiating any contact.

Can I access my original birth certificate?

If you were born in Connecticut you are able to access your original birth certificate by contacting the local registrar of the town where you were born.

If you were born in New York you are able to access you original birth certificate by ordering it online  here. Those born within the five boroughs of NYC should click here.

I’m looking for information about my adoption file or birth family. How do I complete a search?

Family & Children’s Agency provides search services for adoptees and birth parents who may be looking to learn more information and fill in the missing pieces. Click here to learn more about the process of completing a search and fill out our inquiry form.

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“We would like to thank you for your support and guidance through our adoption process. You made the process far less stressful and prepared us to be better adoptive parents.”
— Adoption Program Client
“Our social worker is fantastic - she was so helpful during our home study process. She made us feel comfortable and provided much needed guidance. ”
— Adoption client
“The team at FCA made the process of adoption seamless. With FCA our entire life changed.”
— Adoption client
“I feel that the team really cares about our family and has genuinely empathized with the ups and downs throughout the adoption experience.”
— Adoption client
“FCA made a very complex and laborious process easier - the staff and social workers are very helpful and the classes were valuable. ”
— Adoption client
“FCA was informative, supportive, and encouraging through an uncertain and emotional process. We looked forward to our appointments both pre- and post-placement to help us feel prepared, centered and hopeful!”
— Adoption client