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Family & Children’s Agency’s 35th Korean Adoption Celebration

Family & Children’s Agency’s 35th Korean Adoption Celebration

Aug 14, 2017 | Adoption

In 1982, Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) established a partnership with the South Korean government to aid in the adoption of Korean born foster children, to American families. Today, 35 years later, FCA has placed more than 3,000 Korean children with loving families and maintained an exemplary relationship with our Korean partners. This July, as a part of a quinquennial tradition, nearly 50 families, totaling more than 200 guests, gathered to celebrate their Korean-American culture, and the respective agencies and staff who helped to bring their families together.

“No amount of gratitude could ever be expressed in how grateful I am for [FCA],” said Brittany, who was adopted through FCA more than 20 years ago. Brittany, was adopted when she was just one-year-old, and fifteen years later, began her journey to find and reunite with her birth mother in Korea. Now 23, Brittany is enjoying the next chapter of her life and at peace with her birth story and heritage. “Darlene [Brittany’s FCA social worker] has changed my life and other families who have adopted children from Korea, forever.” Brittany said.

The celebratory and fundraising event, held at The Farmington Club, included Korean food, games and festive performances honoring Korean culture and traditions. To view more photos from the 35th celebration event, click here.

For families interested in learning more about adopting through Family & Children’s Agency’s international Korean or domestic adoption program, visit