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Volunteer Highlight: Meet Jennifer

Volunteer Highlight: Meet Jennifer

Apr 12, 2017 | Adoption, Volunteers

Jennifer began volunteering with Family & Children’s Agency’s adoption search department in early 2016. Back in college after deciding to transition her career, Jennifer decided to volunteer in a space that was personal and close to her heart. “I met my birth parents 10 years ago, after finding a book in the library with details and laws about adoptees and biological parents.”

Jennifer was adopted at 6 weeks old, decades ago when “adoption culture and adoptees’ experiences where much different,” she says. “Although meeting my birth parents was not an ‘Oprah moment’ I can relate to living as an adoptee who loves her parents and I also understand the journey of wanting to search for your biological roots. I felt I had my own experience to help and relate to other adoptees who were looking to find their birth families,” she says.

Jennifer volunteers several days a week, helping with administrative work, research and field work for adoptees who come to FCA to begin searching for their biological families.

“My favorite search story was a woman who, at 40-years-old and after three years of searching, found her birth father and now they talk on the phone every day,” she said smiling.

Jennifer has no immediate plans to end her volunteer work with Family & Children’s Agency’s adoption search program, mostly ‘because it’s been the most fulfilling work I’ve done,’ she said.

Family & Children’s Agency is fortunate to have many friends like Jennifer, who trust and value the mission of FCA and volunteer their time to enhance the lives of others.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with FCA or think that our adoptive search program can help you or a loved one connect to their biological families, visit for more information.