Our Mission
Child & Family Programs

At FCA, children from all backgrounds find a safe place and a listening ear. After school, over the summer, and through times of mental and emotional turmoil, our professional and nurturing programs provide intervention, guidance, and education to stabilize the lives of children.

FCA also counsels and educates parents, empowers moms and dads through child development education, and connects children to their forever families. These programs unite families and provide a stable base for a bright future.

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“FCA has helped me tremendously with the paperwork that I need to do in order for my family to stay together, in addition helping me learn how to cope and handle problems.”
— DCF Involved Family Support client
“This program has helped me learn how to treat my daughter, how to understand her and much more. I have also learned to express myself more with them.”
— Child & Family Development client
“Without ASPIRE my grades would be very bad and I wouldn't have gotten the help I needed.”
— ASPIRE student
“I want to tell other women that they can do it. There are people out there like FCA to help you.”
— Child & Family Development client
“FCA Supports not only the children, but the foster parents at well.”
— Foster Care parent
“ASPIRE has proven to me that it is ok to be myself and not be scared about it. They not only help with school related stuff. But with personal both physical and mental stuff, which is another reason why I love both the program and their staff.”
— ASPIRE student