Our Mission
Latinx Community Outreach

While all of FCA’s programs are available to community members of all backgrounds, our Latinx Community Outreach is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our Latinx neighbors with culturally competent care.

FCA’s Latino Outreach Case Management Program connects Latinx residents to substance abuse treatment, breaking down barriers and promoting recovery through community engagement and individualized support. In an effort to enroll eligible clients to these services, our bi-lingual case manager works to build relationships with community members at risk, connect them with services, and break down stigma and stereotypes within the community.

In addition, our staff help clients access health insurance, food assistance programs, job search support, and other community resources.

By first building relationships and a foundation of trust, we are able to help members of this community access substance use recovery programs and improve their lives.

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“My therapist is relatable, easy to talk to, and never makes me feel judged. She challenges me on my shortcomings and quietly leads me to being a better person. With a genuine heart and deep level of commitment, she has helped me work through many rough times. Each time I walk out of her office, I leave with a better perspective. I don’t know where I’d be without her and I can’t thank her enough! ”
— Behavioral Health client
“I'm proud to work for such a respected and reputable organization.”
— FCA Staff Member
“I strongly recommend my case manager to other kids coming in the system. She put me where I feel like I belong and when I first joined the system she welcomed me and she very positive energy.”
— Foster Care client
“When we hear the stories of FCA's clients and see the impact the programs have made in their lives, it feels good to know we have helped make that happen by giving to FCA.”
— FCA Donor
“I love the electives because it allowed me to have some fun or try something new after school.”
— ASPIRE student
“I give thanks to all the staff for all of their help given to me in difficult times, each one of them with different pieces of advice that serve me today. Don’t cease to exist. There are many young people that need a push to keep going on their journey. ”
— Child & Family Development client