Our Mission
Latinx Community Outreach

While all of FCA’s programs are available to community members of all backgrounds, our Latinx Community Outreach is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our Latinx neighbors with culturally competent care.

FCA’s Latino Outreach Case Management Program connects Latinx residents to substance abuse treatment, breaking down barriers and promoting recovery through community engagement and individualized support. In an effort to enroll eligible clients to these services, our bi-lingual case manager works to build relationships with community members at risk, connect them with services, and break down stigma and stereotypes within the community.

In addition, our staff help clients access health insurance, food assistance programs, job search support, and other community resources.

By first building relationships and a foundation of trust, we are able to help members of this community access substance use recovery programs and improve their lives.

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“Our social worker is fantastic - she was so helpful during our home study process. She made us feel comfortable and provided much needed guidance. ”
— Adoption client
“Best decision I ever made was to reach out to FCA. I’m a better person with clearer life goals and a more open mind.”
— Behavioral Health client
“My adoption case manager held my hand throughout the entire process. I always trusted her and felt supported by her.”
— Adoption client
“With FCA it's never just about finding a kid a home - they find that kid THEIR home, whether it's temporary or not.”
— Foster Care client
“Second chances are hard to come by in life, and poverty makes it so much more rare. FCA provides this second chance to so many. While volunteering I feel like I am part of this second chance.”
— FCA Volunteer
“ASPIRE staff have supported emotionally when I feel like talking about my problems.”
— ASPIRE student