Our Mission
Behavioral Health – Adults

Family & Children's Agency offers a wide range of therapeutic services through our Behavioral Health department. We are experienced in helping adults, adolescents, children, and families through times of crisis or transition.

Outpatient Behavioral Health

Our therapists work in a variety of treatment modalities: individual, family, and/or group therapy, and we are committed to the personal growth of our clients, encouraging collaboration in a safe, respectful environment.

We work with individuals and families experiencing mental health and other challenges, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, family problems, child and adolescent concerns, and life transitions.

Medication management is available to patients engaged in therapy with FCA.

Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Group (TREM)

FCA's Trauma Recovery and Empowerment group guides participants as they increase their trauma recovery skills like self-esteem, boundary setting, emotion regulation, and decision-making while decreasing anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms. 

The curriculum spans 24 weeks but participants can join at any time. 

Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTIP)

PTIP is a person-centered, recovery-oriented, and value-driven system of care that provides services to criminal court defendants referred by the Court Support Services Division (CSSD). PTIP services are designed to address concerns related to the illegal use of substances and the operation of vehicles under the influence of substances. After a comprehensive evaluation, a recommendation will be made for either a group intervention with the Pretrial Impaired Driving Intervention Program (PIDIP), the Pretrial Drug Intervention and Community Service Program (PDICSP), or treatment at a licensed community substance use disorder treatment provider.

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“I have been super impressed with FCA - from the services I've received, to appointment reminders and billing. Everyone is SO nice.”
— Behavioral Health client
“FCA created an intimate environment for parents and children to strengthen their bonds”
— DCF Involved Family Support client
“I like how attentive and caring my worker was. Communication was always 100% and I felt my needs were taken care of.”
— DCF Involved Family Support client
“They are kind, caring, have open ears. They make talking to them feel comfortable, respectable, they are not judgmental. They help with almost everything you need from mental health to everyday life things.”
— DCF Involved Family Support client
“FCA makes us feel welcome. [They have] a community of therapists that really care about helping others.”
— Behavioral Health client
“My therapist is relatable, easy to talk to, and never makes me feel judged. She challenges me on my shortcomings and quietly leads me to being a better person. With a genuine heart and deep level of commitment, she has helped me work through many rough times. Each time I walk out of her office, I leave with a better perspective. I don’t know where I’d be without her and I can’t thank her enough! ”
— Behavioral Health client