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New Behavioral Health Programs Debut

New Behavioral Health Programs Debut

Nov 01, 2023 | AMH, CMH

We are thrilled to announce that FCA’s Behavioral Health department is expanding its reach in the community with the introduction of two programs.

The first, Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST), is an in-home program designed to support teenagers and their families in achieving long-term improvements in mental health. By providing comprehensive support in the comfort of their homes, MST aims to empower families and create lasting positive change.

The second addition to our roster is the Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTIP), a recovery-oriented system of care. PTIP serves criminal court defendants dealing with issues related to substance use and driving under the influence. Our dedicated PTIP team is committed to helping individuals on their path to recovery.

Not only do these new programs enhance the breadth and depth of services we offer, but they also mark a momentous growth in our team. We have doubled the number of staff members in the Behavioral Health department and anticipate serving more than 400 clients each year in these new programs with
the highest level of care.