Our Mission
Parent Education Program (PEP) 

The Parent Education Program (PEP) is a 6-hour mandatory group class required by the State of Connecticut for parents with children 18 or younger who are involved with Family Court for issues regarding custody, visitation, and/or divorce. The class is designed to educate parents about the many issues children face when their family situation changes and educates participants about how they can help their children successfully adjust to divorce or living apart from a parent. The program includes information about children's developmental stages, helping children adjust to parental separation, cooperative parenting, conflict management and dispute resolution techniques, guidelines for visitation, and mitigating the impact of stress on children. 

Focus on KIDS (Knowledge, Insight, Decisions, Solutions) 

Focus on KIDS is a program that provides direction and support by working with parents (whether married or unmarried) experiencing high conflict separations and/or divorces. Focus on KIDS gives parents the knowledge and the insight to enable them to make good decisions leading to solutions in the best interest of their children. The primary goal of Focus on KIDS is to teach separating, divorcing, or divorced parents what they need to do in order to give their children the care they need. By working together with the co-parents in a personalized setting, this program gives parents the opportunity to learn skills they can apply to reduce conflict, improve communication, and utilize problem-solving skills to ultimately benefit their children and establish a healthy co-parenting relationship. 

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“There are no words to say thank you to FCA for all the things they have given my family.”
— Child & Family Development client
“Very helpful with new parents, especially in helping us take our first steps as parents with daily guidance and activities to help us be better parents. ”
— Child & Family Development client
“This program and its staff make me feel like family and that I’m not alone since I don’t have any family or acquaintances in this country”
— Child & Family Development client
“[CFD] has given us a lot of useful information related to the development of our baby. They've also helped us dispel a lot of doubts and insecurities related to adults. ”
— Child & Family Development client
“I am so thankful for the help I’ve received hundreds of times. I feel more confident as a woman and happy knowing that this agency can resolve my doubts.”
— Child & Family Development client
“FCA supports us a lot since I am a first-timer and I did not know how to take good care of my baby and my visitor helped me by teaching me and supporting me with many things that I did not know.”
— Child & Family Development client