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Domestic Adoptions

The Adoption Program at Family & Children’s Agency is one of the largest and most respected private non-profit adoption agencies in Connecticut. Nearly 80 years of providing adoption services, Family & Children’s Agency has placed more than 4,000 children with their forever families.

There are no waiting lists and placements are based on a mutual choice between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. We currently only accept families who live in Connecticut or within a two hour drive of our Harrison, NY office in New York into the Domestic Placing Program.

Once an enrolled family has an approved home study and a completed profile they may be considered as a prospective adoptive parent. FCA works to match expectant parents and prospective adoptive parents to help find a good fit for all parties. In addition, families who have already connected with an expectant parent on their own must work with an agency, and FCA can help.

Our social workers help prospective adoptive parents through the home study process and preparation of their profile, a booklet with pictures and a narrative that describes their family for expectant parents to review. For more information on the home study process, click here.

Our adoption social workers and birth parent counselors work closely with prospective adoptive parents and the birth parents to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information at a level comfortable for you
  • Arrange interim care if needed
  • Arrange for the baby’s placement into the adoptive home
  • Provide comprehensive services to birth parents during and after the adoption process
  • Ensure that all parties’ legal rights are protected

Program Details

Important Note: Family & Children’s Agency is not currently enrolling families outside of CT or NY that we do not approve through the Home Study process.

Children availableNewborns
CostPlease see our fee schedule and reach out to us directly with any specific questions.
Parents’ ageIndividuals must be between the ages of 21 and 55 to apply to FCA for a domestic adoption.
Who can adopt?FCA welcomes adoptive parents of all types to apply, including those who have been divorced, are married (for any length of time), are single, have children, and/or are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Individuals cannot be pregnant or actively engaged in fertility treatments or surrogacy services to apply to adopt. Other children in the home must receive medical care as recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics (including immunizations and well-visits).
Time frameVaries as there are many different factors that may go into the birth parents’ decision.

For more information about “open” and “closed” adoptions and other helpful information, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your family is in need of support, we understand that you have a lot of questions. Rest assured our staff is here to help you understand the process. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

What is Family & Children’s Agency’s philosophy of adoption?

Family & Children’s Agency believes in a caring approach that is concerned with the needs and rights of all parties involved as we work to create safe and permanent plans for children. We view adoption as a lifelong process where we work to support all participants in an adoption including birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees.

What options are there for adoptive parents working with Family & Children’s Agency?

Once your home study is approved, you can adopt in the United States or overseas. Family & Children’s Agency places infants born in Connecticut and New York through our Domestic program. Some families interested in adopting domestically enroll in FCA’s Domestic program, while others enroll with an agency outside of Connecticut or New York to complete a domestic adoption. In “Parent Initiated” adoptions, the adoptive parents locate a potential birth mother and infant through advertising and networking. We have an international placement program for children from Korea. Family & Children’s Agency can prepare home studies for adoption through other agencies.

Is there a wait list for FCA’s Domestic Placing program?

Selections are not made from a chronological waiting list. The expecting parents, not Family & Children’s Agency, select the family to adopt their baby by reviewing profiles of waiting families. Using our experience and expertise, we assist you in preparing an appropriate profile to be presented to expecting parents that best represents your family.

How old are the children that are adopted through family and Children’s Agency?
In a domestic adoption, we typically see infants placed with adoptive families. Internationally, in our Korea program, children are typically 15-48 months of age at the time of placement.
How much does an adoption cost?
All costs in an adoption vary according not only to the adoption program you choose, but also the auxiliary costs. When budgeting for adoption, it’s important to be aware of related expenses, such as immigration documents, travel, medical evaluations, translations, long distance calls, attorney fees (if applicable), and living expenses while at your out-of-state or foreign destination. In a domestic adoption, the placement fee is paid to the U.S. adoption agency that places the child with you. This may be Family & Children’s Agency or an out-of-state agency, but never both. If you reside outside Connecticut or New York your home study fee will be set by your local adoption agency. See our fee schedule for more information.
Are there limits on who can adopt?

Our commitment to inclusivity means we are proud to work with families of all kinds and faith backgrounds, including those who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, married and unmarried couples, and single applicants. Foreign countries may have other limitations and your FCA adoption social worker will work with you to find a good fit for your family.

What are closed and open adoptions and does FCA have a requirement for communication post-placement?

FCA does not have a requirement - the adoptive parents and the birth parents decide mutually on the amount of contact they want to have. 

A closed adoption is one that has no direct contact or exchange of information between the birth parents and the adoptive family. An open adoption is one where the names and identifying information of birth parents and adoptive families are disclosed to the other and there is direct contact between the two parties that generally continues after the birth and placement. Most adoptions are semi-open or agency-facilitated, meaning all correspondence goes through the placing agency involved in the adoption. 

There is no “right” adoption plan that meets the needs of all birth parents and adoptive families. The goal of Family & Children’s Agency is to create the plan that works best for all parties involved in each adoption. We encourage both birth parents and adoptive parents to be active participants in the process. Family & Children’s works to support birth parents and adoptive parents as they navigate their post-adoption relationship over the years.

Is there a residency requirement for families adoption through FCA?
FCA works with families who live in Connecticut or in New York within a two hour drive of our Harrison, NY office. We cannot accept families outside of this area.
Does FCA offer any support to families while they are waiting for their child?

Family & Children's Agency is committed to supporting families throughout the entire process. For families who complete a home study with FCA, our Waiting Families Support Group meets monthly and is organized by two of our adoption professionals. Join with other waiting parents to get support, education, and build your adoption community.

Does Family & Children’s Agency hold events for families after adoption?

Once you adopt through FCA, you become part of our family as well and we will provide ongoing support. Annually, we have a seasonal party for all adoptive families. We also assist in organizing regular "Nights Out" for parents and parents-to-be, play groups, and an annual birth parent panel presentation.

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“FCA was informative, supportive, and encouraging through an uncertain and emotional process. We looked forward to our appointments both pre- and post-placement to help us feel prepared, centered and hopeful!”
— Adoption client
“Our social worker is fantastic - she was so helpful during our home study process. She made us feel comfortable and provided much needed guidance. ”
— Adoption client
“We would like to thank you for your support and guidance through our adoption process. You made the process far less stressful and prepared us to be better adoptive parents.”
— Adoption Program Client
“The team at FCA made the process of adoption seamless. With FCA our entire life changed.”
— Adoption client
“I feel that the team really cares about our family and has genuinely empathized with the ups and downs throughout the adoption experience.”
— Adoption client
“My adoption case manager held my hand throughout the entire process. I always trusted her and felt supported by her.”
— Adoption client