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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Michelle Doggett

Volunteer Appreciation Month: Michelle Doggett

Apr 15, 2021 | ASPIRE, Volunteers

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and to celebrate we will be featuring some of our dedicated volunteers. Today we are highlighting Michelle Doggett.

For more than 18 years, Michelle Doggett has supported Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) as a leader in Minks to Sinks, a dedicated member of the Board of Directors, and an organizer of several fundraising events.

Michelle began her time with Minks to Sinks, the twice-annual massive tag sale in Wilton which benefits FCA, sorting clothing under the tents. She quickly moved on to the toy area, where she became Chair of the department. She continued taking on more responsibility and became Co-Chair of Minks to Sinks in 2009, and Chair in 2010. After her time as Chair, Michelle became head of the small furniture department, a position known as the Chair of Chairs. Finally, she served as Chair of Minks to Sinks again in 2019. As she became more involved in the organization, she realized she was forming deep friendships while helping the community.

“Minks to Sinks is the family I don’t have here,” said Michelle, whose family all lives out of state.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle has worked to keep the Minks to Sinks volunteers involved in FCA even as they weren’t able to hold the sale. She organized drives to give FCA clients masks, food, and personal care items.

“That was my mission – to keep that connection going,” said Michelle.

As a natural extension of her work with Minks to Sinks, Michelle became a member of FCA’s Board of Directors. In that role, she has been part of the Communications Workgroup and the Fund Development Committee, helping increase visibility of the Agency and secure funding for FCA programs.

She also helped with several fundraising initiatives, including FCA’s annual benefit. As an avid tennis player, she played in FCA’s annual Golf & Tennis Classic and chaired the tennis portion two years in a row.

“I’ve enjoyed all the work that I’ve done,” said Michelle. “It gives me a sense of purpose. I hope we have made a difference.”