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You make a difference for seniors

You make a difference for seniors

Dec 14, 2022 | Donors, Seniors

Camilla knew her mother-in-law, Frances, 86, needed help, but she didn’t know where to turn. Frances was struggling with dementia and her home was in horrible condition. She was refusing to take her medication, had no way to get to her medical appointments, and had been neglecting her personal hygiene and hadn’t showered in months.

Camilla called several organizations and was turned away. Thankfully, she heard about FCA and called our Senior Services Umbrella.

“She took care of us all our life and now we need to take care of her,” said Camilla about her mother-in-law.

When Camilla’s FCA case manager, Tania, visited the apartment she immediately contacted the Health Department who deemed it unfit for occupancy. Frances moved in with Camilla and Tania sprang into action.

FCA was able to provide them with a shower chair, adult diapers, toiletries, and a few gift cards so they could get the basic items they needed to aid in this transition. Tania arranged safe and reliable transportation so Frances could get to her doctors. In addition, Camilla was supported and guided as she adjusted to her new housemate and the difficult role of caregiver.

Now, Frances’ apartment has been renovated and Tania is helping Camilla arrange nursing care so Frances can move back into her home.

Because of FCA, Frances can live a healthier life in a home that is safe.