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When moms like Andrea are in crisis, they need YOU

When moms like Andrea are in crisis, they need YOU

Nov 28, 2022 | CFD, Donors

Dear Friends,

Andrea was in a desperate situation and needed help fast. When her daughter Samantha began showing signs of autism, her husband denied there was anything wrong. He started berating their daughter. Having experienced his abuse in the past, Andrea knew she had to leave.

Unfortunately, with a low-paying grocery job and no family nearby for support, Andrea had nowhere to go. A friend suggested she call Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) for help.

An FCA case manager gave her the confidence to change her life. She helped Andrea find a place she could afford to live and connected her with other community resources. Her daughter received a proper diagnosis.

Samantha’s developmental problems were challenging and overwhelming for Andrea. But an FCA parent educator helped her learn about autism and find services for her daughter. She also provided activities to help them bond.

Thanks to the encouragement of her FCA case manager, Andrea attained certification to open the home daycare she always dreamed of. She and Samantha grew very close, and Andrea’s daycare dream finally came true.

Now she has four employees and is getting ready to buy a house.

“I want to tell other women they can do it. There are people out there like FCA to help you,” Andrea said.

Through your caring support, you can help change lives for families like Andrea’s.

Over the past year, thousands of people in our community received the services and counseling they needed. Over the next few months, hundreds of children, families, adults, and seniors will depend on us for assistance during critical times in their lives. That’s why I’m writing to ask for your donation to help.

Will you make a gift of $25, $50, or even $100 today to assist your neighbors during their greatest time of need

Through more than 30 programs, FCA serves thousands of children, families, adults, and seniors each year. We can only help so many neighbors with the support of kind friends like you.

  • Through your generous donation today, you can make it possible to:
    · Educate children so they remain on track and graduate high school
  • · Strengthen families by supporting parents during the critical early years of their child’s life
  • · House the homeless and prevent more people from entering the shelter system
  • · Provide senior citizens in-home care and transportation services so they can retain their independence
  • I hope you’ll click here to send a gift to help your neighbors in crisis. You will make a life-changing difference for moms like Andrea, and other families and children right here in our backyard.
  • Sincerely,
  • Robert F. Cashel
  • President & CEO
  • P.S. No one should suffer abuse, isolation, or homelessness. Please make the most generous gift you can today to help families in our community when they need it most. Thank you!