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We are so close to our goal…

We are so close to our goal…

Mar 21, 2019 | Donors

When Jessica walked into the ASPIRE after-school program at Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) in sixth grade, she had high ambitions. She was in the room when her older sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and at that moment Jessica knew she wanted to be an obstetrician like the doctors there that day. But going from having a dream to fulfilling one is a long process and her lack of self-confidence and difficulty making friends was holding her back. Nobody in her family had been to college and her parents, who both worked long hours to provide for their family, weren’t able to help with homework or afford enrichment activities. Her grades began to slip and she was at risk of failing in school.

Through a recommendation from Jessica’s middle school teacher, she enrolled in our ASPIRE program. There she was encouraged to reach her dreams, and our staff reminded her who she could become by calling her “Dr. Jessica” while providing tutoring, SAT preparation classes, and visits to colleges and cultural institutions. She thrived from the social and emotional support she received. To this day, Jessica still calls her former counselors at FCA when she needs a little encouragement.

We can’t do this work without you. In fact, we rely on donors to fund 95% of the cost of ASPIRE, as well as support our more than 30 other critical programs. These services include adoption, parenting education, substance abuse treatment, homelessness, and elder care, which members of our community rely on.

We are just $185,000 away from reaching our annual goal! Please click here to renew your commitment to FCA and make your gift today to support our vital services. Your contribution of any amount will play a key role in helping us fulfill our mission of building better lives and strengthening our community. Thank you.