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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Ellery

Volunteer Appreciation Month: Ellery

Apr 26, 2023 | Volunteers

Volunteer Appreciation Month is the perfect time to celebrate and recognize the incredible efforts of volunteers like Ellery. She joined the ASPIRE program in September of 2021, and since then has made an significant impact as a virtual tutor.

When Ellery first joined ASPIRE, the pandemic was making education a challenge for all students. Ellery jumped in as a virtual tutor and hasn’t stopped. She provides valuable support to students who need it the most, working with different kids depending on who needs help at the time. Through this experience, she has become familiar with many of our students and their needs.

Ellery’s involvement in the ASPIRE summer program was also noteworthy, as she supported and assisted the staff with the curriculum and with the students. She said her summer experience allowed her to see the struggles that students face, not only in their academics but also at home.

“I’m in a bubble when I’m in my own school. Working with kids in ASPIRE, I’ve been exposed to very different situations, and I’m able to see that not only are these kids sometimes struggling with their activities, but they also have at-home struggles they have to tackle on top of that,” said Ellery.

Ellery said she finds it incredibly rewarding to see kids succeed in school and watch them enjoy learning and participating in different activities.

Ellery plans to study business in college, and her ASPIRE experience has made her consider the nonprofit side of business. Thank you, Ellery, for all your support and giving your time to our students.