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Social Work Month: Lindsey

Social Work Month: Lindsey

Mar 19, 2024 | IICAPS, Staff

As we celebrate Social Work Month, we are highlighting some of our incredible social workers. Lindsey is a Mental Health Counselor at Family and Children’s Agency (FCA) who is working to obtain her MSW.

With a background in early childhood education and human services, Lindsey’s transition into social work was driven by a recognition of the critical need for social-emotional support for both children and their parents as well as her own family history.

 “I wish I had more services like this for my family, especially for my mom who wasn’t English speaking. I want to help my community out. I remember trying to translate for my mom, so this is my chance of giving back,” she said.

At FCA, Lindsey’s role as a mental health counselor within the Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS) program showcases her dedication to facilitating positive change in families’ lives. IICAPS helps families dealing with children who have significant psychiatric needs to keep them from being hospitalized. Lindsey works directly with the parents in this program to provide support, guidance, and access to essential services. Lindsey, who is bilingual, has a special focus on Spanish-speaking families.

Lindsey said fostering trust with the families in the program to foster open communication is the most important part of her role. Her genuine care and empathy create a safe space where families feel comfortable sharing their challenges and aspirations. This level of trust not only enhances the effectiveness of her interventions but also underscores the profound impact of building meaningful connections with those in need.

One young woman Lindsey worked with had a significant history of trauma and was so shy and anxious she couldn’t even make eye contact. After completing her IICAPS treatment, Lindsey bumped into the young woman, who was working at a coffee shop. Seeing her talking to customers and looking them in the eye made Lindsey realize how far she had come.

Lindsey’s long-term goal is to finish her MSW program. She said her role at FCA is the best place for her. “FCA is really great at offering support. FCA really worries about us, not just as a social worker but what’s outside work,” she said.