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Social Work Month: Kannika

Social Work Month: Kannika

Mar 29, 2024 | Family Support, Staff

As we conclude our series of features for National Professional Social Work Month, it is with great pleasure that we introduce Kannika, a distinguished member of the Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) team.

Kannika started her journey with FCA as a Caregiver Support Worker within the Family Support department. In this capacity, she provided invaluable in-home services, including training and crisis intervention to kinship, foster, and pre-adoptive families. After more than four years in that role, Kannika transitioned to the Development team as the Coordinator of Grants and Program Development. Approaching her first anniversary in this role, she plays a crucial part in achieving FCA’s fundraising objectives by collaborating with foundations to secure grant funding. Additionally, Kannika continues to make a direct impact on clients as a part-time clinician in FCA’s Behavioral Health program.

Kannika’s journey into social work was propelled by her innate desire to help others, having explored various fields such as teaching, domestic violence recovery, and medicine before finding her calling in social work.

“I’ve seen clients face some of some of the most horrific things happening in their lives. I am honored I got to learn from them and help them lean into their strengths,” she said.

Motivated by a desire to effect change on a larger scale, Kannika’s move to the Development team reflects her commitment to supporting the Agency’s mission.

“I want to support the Agency so they can support the community,” she said. “The environment and energy feels right to me. I’ve never questioned my worth at this agency. FCA is so good at investing in their staff – I feel like I’ve been set up for success.”

Kannika’s dedication and multifaceted contributions underscore the essential role of social workers within FCA and the broader community.

“Social workers are so versatile,” she said. “I feel lucky that I went into clinical social work.”

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Kannika for her unwavering dedication and to all our social workers for their vital contributions to FCA. Thank you, Kannika!