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National Volunteer Week – Madalene

National Volunteer Week – Madalene

Apr 19, 2024 | ASPIRE, Volunteers

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, we’re thrilled to spotlight one of our volunteers at Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) – Madalene.

Madalene’s volunteer journey began after her retirement in 2017 when she discovered FCA while volunteering with another organization providing food at an FCA location. She was immediately drawn to FCA, and volunteering with us has since become an important part of her post-retirement life.

At FCA, Madalene has embraced a diverse array of roles, from baking cookies for the Holiday Bazaar and crafting photo collages to volunteering at Minks to Sinks and supporting the ASPIRE after-school program. Each role has allowed her to contribute in different but significant ways, utilizing her talents and energy to further the Agency’s mission.

A particularly heartfelt aspect of her work involves the ASPIRE program, where she is not only a volunteer but also a donor, specifically funding summer transportation for students. This support enables these young individuals to participate in enriching field trips that would otherwise be out of their reach, providing them with experiences that create life-long memories and a sense of community.

Madalene’s motivation for volunteering is deeply personal. As a single mother who once struggled to provide for her own children, she understands the challenges faced by many of the families FCA assists. This personal connection fuels her dedication and passion for volunteer work, making her efforts even more impactful.

”I enjoy knowing that what I did today has helped someone in some way,” she said.

Madalene’s tale is a powerful reminder of how volunteering not only changes the lives of those served but also deeply enriches the volunteer’s own life. As we celebrate her and all our volunteers this week, we’re reminded of the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on their communities. We are immensely grateful to Madalene and all our volunteers for their time, efforts, and the love they bring to their roles.