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Minks to Sinks Volunteer: Savona

Minks to Sinks Volunteer: Savona

Apr 29, 2024 | Minks, Volunteers

Meet Savona, a young volunteer at the Minks to Sinks sale, a biannual event that not only gives a new lease on life to pre-loved items but also promotes sustainability. Since sixth grade, Savona has been a part of this unique initiative, evolving from an enthusiastic attendee to a dedicated volunteer.

Minks to Sinks is more than just a sale; it’s a community tradition in Wilton, fostering environmental stewardship and responsible consumerism. At its core, the event is a giant tag sale where items from furniture to clothing and household goods find new homes, diverting waste from landfills and providing opportunities for shoppers to find great deals.

From a young age, Savona was captivated by the energy and the mountains of items at the sale. It wasn’t long before she was organizing the frames department, and then moved to the clothing department where she implemented a new system of size tags and themed bins to streamline the sorting process. This not only made it easier for volunteers to manage donations but also enhanced the shopping experience for attendees looking for specific items. She didn’t do it alone – she got her mom, Caryn, involved as well. Caryn is now also a dedicated volunteer, and even runs the Minks to Sinks social media pages.

The funds raised from Minks to Sinks support Family & Children’s Agency, further amplifying the positive impact of each purchase.

Inspired by her efforts at Minks to Sinks, Savona decided to create a year-round thrift store at Wilton High School for students, an incredible initiative and successful operation. For Savona, the experience is more than just volunteering; it’s a steppingstone towards her career goal of creating or leading a business that enhances the sustainability of the clothing industry.

As we look towards future sales, the community can take pride in supporting a cause that offers a win-win for both the environment and the wallet. Whether you’re a treasure hunter or an eco-conscious shopper, Minks to Sinks is a perfect example of how we can all make a difference—one sale at a time.

Join us for the sale!

Sale Dates

Saturday, May 4 | 9am – 5pm
Sunday, May 5 | 12pm – 4pm
(Bargain Day – everything half off!)
Monday, May 6 | 9am – 11am
(Bargain Day – fill a bag for $10!)

Consigning & Donating

Tuesday, April 30 | 10am – 2pm
Wednesday, May 1 | 10am – 2pm & 4pm – 6:30pm
Thursday, May 2 | 10am – 2pm (Donations only)