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Lou and Beatrice

Lou and Beatrice

Nov 22, 2021 | Donors, Seniors

“Beatrice has allowed me to be a daughter again.”

That’s the sentiment from Alice, whose father, Lou,
has Beatrice as his in-home aide.

Lou is 77 and has had a myriad of health problems
recently. Fiercely independent, it had been a long
time since Alice had been in his home when she went
in January to do some deep cleaning and give him a
fresh start to the new year. She was shocked by his
condition when she arrived. Alice said he didn’t seem like himself, was weak, and had stopped doing
activities he loved. Alice began closely monitoring his health, bringing him to doctors appointments
up to three times each week, monitoring his medications, cleaning his home, cooking for him, doing
laundry, and more. All this while working full time and caring for her own family where she lives
more than 40 minutes away.

When Alice decided it was time to get her father in-home care, FCA was a logical choice. Lou had
been using FCA’s personal emergency alert services for years after a scary fall left him alone on the
floor for more than 10 hours before help arrived. And what a difference Beatrice has made.

Initially resistant to having any help, Lou has come around to having Beatrice in his home. “I love
her, to tell the truth,” he said.

Just having Beatrice there helps motivate Lou to get up and move, and her caring companionship
has eased his loneliness. Alice trusts Beatrice to monitor her dad, so Alice is able to go back to being
his daughter instead of his caregiver.

“His mood is different, his cognition is different, he’s HIM again,” said Alice. 



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