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Help us support our community during this difficult time

Help us support our community during this difficult time

May 05, 2020 | Donors

When the coronavirus struck, Family & Children’s Agency (FCA) was forced to radically alter they way we serve our community. Students in our ASPIRE after-school program can no longer gather, so our staff is using video chats to help them in their distance learning. Our counseling office closed, so our clinicians are using telehealth to continue providing critical mental health sessions. The elderly, our highest-risk clients, were ordered to shelter in place, so our home health care providers increased their precautions, donned personal protective equipment, and continue to assist those who can’t manage alone.

One of the clients we have continued to serve is Jenny, a single mom to three kids who faced homelessness until FCA helped her secure housing last year. Since then she found a job and was working hard, caring for herself and her children as a dedicated mom. But when COVID-19 closed her company, she lost her only source of income. FCA secured emergency funds so Jenny and her children could buy groceries, and got her additional phone minutes so she can stay connected with her support network. By helping her with basic needs during this time of crisis, Jenny will be able to remain housed and get back to self-sufficiency when her company reopens.

It’s clear that in addition to providing our services for children, families, adults, and seniors, FCA is being relied upon by our neighbors in need to help with the unique challenges the virus crisis is imparting on us all. And yet, FCA has had to postpone or cancel some of our most critical fundraising events to help finance these essential programs, causing a $500,000 funding gap.

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Today is Giving Tuesday Now, a global day of giving to support non-profit organizations that have been seriously impacted by the current crisis. Your support now, in this time of great need, will make a lasting difference on our community.

Your gift, of any amount, will ensure FCA is able to continue providing vital services for our neighbors in need. Thank you for helping your community by supporting FCA.

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Stay safe and be well,
Robert F. Cashel
President & CEO
Family & Children’s Agency