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Giving Fund Week 3

Giving Fund Week 3

Dec 08, 2022 | Donors

NORWALK — The Norwalk Hour partners each year with the Family and Children’s Agency for the Giving Fund, which includes a series of cases involving community members who have a specific need during the holiday season. To contribute to these cases, click here.   

This year’s series launched two weeks ago and continued last week. However, FCA said the effort has gotten off to a slow start with $3,700 raised so far — a drop from previous years.

This week’s stories include a woman who has experienced trauma who needs help caring for her son with cancer, an older adult requiring medical equipment after suffering a stroke, a family struggling to afford food and more. 

In the stories below, names have been changed to protect their privacy and individuals who benefit from the Giving Fund often don’t know they have been included in the series. Each story has a case number and an estimated dollar amount that would help the clients face everyday challenges like rent payments, transportation or medical expenses. Online donations go directly to the clients in need and can be designated to a specific case or to the general Client Support Fund at FCA. Donations that exceed the person’s need will go to the Client Support Fund to help others.

Here are this week’s cases:

120: Gladys is a 77-year-old who recently had a serious stroke and is now unable to communicate effectively or care for herself. Gladys needs safety equipment for her bathroom and bedroom because she lives alone. Gladys would benefit from daily safety-related assistance from a caregiver, and a gift of $250 would help her get the equipment she needs.  

121: Aurora came to the United States more than 10 years ago with her young son who has cerebral palsy. After a sexual assault left her pregnant with her second child, Aurora was able to flee her partner through the help of supporters in the community. After finding some safety away from her ex-partner and securing unemployment, her life was once again impacted when she found out her son has cancer.  A gift of $400 would help Aurora as she works to pay for medical expenses for her two children.

122: Mona is a single mother of two children, an infant and a toddler. Mona recently moved into a new apartment with room for her children, but was told she will be unable to turn on the utilities until she pays off a past due amount from several years ago.  A gift of $500 would pay off Mona’s debt so her family can be safe and comfortable in their new home.        

123: Vicky, 20, has spent most of her life growing up in the foster care system. Vicky is excited to begin her post-secondary education so she can further her job prospects, but she needs a tablet for school. A gift of $300 would help her get the tablet she needs.    

124: Fernando is a middle school student who helps his mom with his younger brother. Fernando is in FCA’s after-school programs. Fernando’s family recently moved into a new apartment and is looking for a new bed. A gift of $450 would help Fernando get a new bed for the apartment and decorate the room a bit so it’s truly his own.       

125: Tyra is a single mother and has worked to create a safe and stable home for her daughter. She is employed part time, but has struggled with paying household expenses such as utilities and child care. Tyra utilizes her community services and supports, but still struggles with making ends meet. A gift of $400 would help her pay for these basic needs so she can continue to care for her daughter.

126: Hallie is a in foster care who has medically complex needs. Hallie requires constant nursing care, but her insurance will only pay for part of the day and the service is both necessary and expensive. A gift of $500 would help her foster mother pay for additional nursing coverage outside of her insurance coverage.     

127: June is the mother of five children. June and her husband both work, but with the increase in cost of living, they have been struggling to meet the needs of their family. Recently, the increase in the price of groceries has really hit the family hard and it’s been a struggle for them to buy the food they need. A gift of $400 would allow the family to purchase fresh groceries without falling behind in other areas. 

128: Leigh and Jorge are the young parents of a baby boy. The couple relocated to the United States from Guatemala, but are struggling to make ends meet even though both parents work. A gift of $500 would help them buy necessities for their baby and help them with utilities.         

129: Carmen is a young mother of three who has been sober for 10 years. After enduring a traumatic and abusive upbringing that placed her in foster care for much of her childhood, she has managed to remain resilient. She is an extremely positive and hardworking individual who has been working closely with FCA to be the best role model she can for her children. A gift of $300 would help Carmen buy winter attire and boots for her children to keep them warm for the upcoming winter season.  

To contribute to these cases, click here.