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Giving Fund Week 2

Giving Fund Week 2

Dec 02, 2022 | Donors

NORWALK — The Norwalk Hour partners each year with the Family and Children’s Agency for the Giving Fund, which includes a series of cases involving community members who have a specific need during the holiday season.

This year’s series launched last week and has raised $3,000 so far and three cases have been fully funded.

In the stories below, names have been changed to protect their privacy and individuals who benefit from the Giving Fund often don’t know they have been included in the series. Each story has a case number and an estimated dollar amount that would help the clients face everyday challenges like rent payments, transportation or medical expenses.

Online donations go directly to the clients in need and can be designated to a specific case or to the general Client Support Fund at FCA. Donations that exceed the person’s need will go to the Client Support Fund to help others. FCA has also provided a QR code, which can be found below. 

Here are this week’s cases:

110: Albert is 80 years old and lives alone in his apartment. After years of depression and mental health challenges, Albert is making an effort to rid his home of hoarded items. At his age, he is struggling to clear out the items, which have become a hazard and fall risk. Albert needs a clean and clutter-free home and a gift of $350 would allow him to hire a cleaning company to give him a fresh start.     

111: After staying in an abusive marriage for decades, Carmella’s husband died after a long illness. Carmella used nearly all her savings to care for her husband before his death, and now half of her income is gone. Carmella wants to age in her home, but her heating bill has increased significantly and she is struggling to make ends meet. A gift of $500 would allow her to pay for her heat so she can stay in the home she loves.   

112: Joseph and Eleanor are parents of two young children. However, Eleanor suffers from severe mental illness, which makes it impossible for her to be present for her husband and children. The couple are doing all they can to get Eleanor the medication and therapy she needs, but both are very expensive. A gift of $400 would significantly help the family pay for ongoing therapy services so they can all be healthy and present.

113: Ainsley is a 13-year-old middle school student who attends FCA’s after-school program to help her with academic support and socialization. Ainsley lives with her two older siblings, one of whom is autistic, and their mother in a rented basement apartment.  Ainsley’s mom works long hours to provide for her children, and Ainsley often cares for her older brother. With so much going on, the family rarely has time to bond. A gift of $250 would help the family go on an outing together and strengthen their family ties.

114: Barbara and James adopted their 4-year-old grandson, Carter, because his birth parents were unable to take care of him. Barbara had to reduce her hours at work to care for Carter when he was placed in their home and help him with the transition, but now the family is struggling to pay their rising utility bills. A gift of $400 would help the family get back on their feet and alleviate some of the stress.    

115: Delia is a single mother of two children and recently succeeded in escaping an abusive relationship with her infant’s father. Although she works full time, it’s been hard for her to make ends meet with the cost of child care. Delia has fallen behind on her rent and utilities and is at risk of being evicted. A gift of $500 would benefit this family to pay off pending utility bills and help them stay in a stable and safe home.   

116: Kayla has spent the last six years in various foster homes but is now moving closer to reunification with her biological mother. In order to do so, Kayla needs bedroom furniture in her mother’s apartment. A gift of $500 would help Kayla get a new bed and dresser so she can have a comfortable space when she is reunified with her mom.  

117: Juniper is a young single mom to a 7-year-old boy. She’s struggled with homelessness and has been in and out of shelters, but is a full-time college student studying to enter the medical field. Juniper is in the process of looking for a permanent home for her and her son. A donation of $500 would help Juniper with furniture and essentials when she moves into her new apartment.

118: Chelsea is a single mother of three young children. She is an immigrant, domestic violence survivor and has overcome homelessness.  All that stress led to a substance use disorder from which she is now in treatment and recovery. After being laid off from her job, Chelsea is now facing eviction because she was unable to pay her rent. Chelsea is determined and motivated to make healthy choices and get back on track for herself and her children, and has already found a new job. A gift of $450 would help her pay her landlord so she can stay safely housed.       

119: David is 34 years old and lives in Norwalk. After being homeless for several years, David is now settling into his new apartment. Now, David is looking for a job. A gift of $250 would allow him to buy some new clothes so he can dress appropriately for job interviews.

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