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Giving Fund Week 1

Giving Fund Week 1

Nov 23, 2022 | Donors

NORWALK — Each year, the Norwalk Hour partners with the Family and Children’s Agency for the Giving Fund, which includes a series of cases involving community members who have a specific need during the holiday season.

In the stories below, names have been changed to protect their privacy and individuals who benefit from the Giving Fund often don’t know they have been included in the series. Each story has a case number and an estimated dollar amount that would help the clients face everyday challenges like rent payments, transportation or medical expenses.

Online donations go directly to the clients in need and can be designated to a specific case or to the general Client Support Fund at FCA. Donations that exceed the person’s need will go to the Client Support Fund to help others. FCA has also provided a QR code, which can be found below. 

Here are this week’s stories:

100: Ian is a 5-year-old boy in foster care who is paralyzed and blind. He suffered devastating injuries at the hand of his father prior to entering foster care. Through the support of his foster mother, who is in the process of adopting him, he has shown growth and progress in his development. A gift of $425 would assist them with ongoing needs for durable medical equipment.

101: Theresa was a single woman living alone when the two teenage children of a friend who needed a foster home. When asked if she would be able to take them in, Theresa put her life aside and devoted all her energy to the boys, even going so far as to give up her bedroom so each of the boys can have their own room. Theresa cleans her neighbor’s apartment in exchange for using their washing machine each week. A gift of $500 to purchase her own washer and dryer would change her life and make keeping up with the basic needs of the family much easier.

102: Marta is a 71-year-old who has not visited a dentist in many years due to lack of dental insurance. Marta never smiles because she is ashamed of her teeth and can’t eat solid foods due to the pain. Although her FCA case manager has helped her apply for free dental programs, there is a long waiting list for these services. A gift of $300 would help Marta get to the dentist so she can begin her journey to oral health.       

103: Luca is a high school student who attends FCA’s after-school program to stay on top of his grades. His mother cares for Luca and his siblings by herself, and recently took in her nephew whose father became sick and is now unable to care for him. With money already tight, this new addition to their home has added financial strain. A gift of $500 would help this family pay for furniture for the new addition to the family, including a bed.

104: Hope is a 29-year-old woman who has turned her life around for her children. She has two young children and has been maintaining her sobriety for over a year, even through the stress of losing her father who died with COVID. She works two jobs to support her family and dreams of attending classes to become an accountant. A gift of $350 would allow her to begin her education and work toward her professional goals.

105: James is a 9-year-old boy who has been in foster care since he was a baby. He is dealing with processing delays and has a difficulty reading.  A gift of $300 would assist his foster mother with getting a tutor so James can learn to read.

106: Brianna is a single mother of three children living in Norwalk. Although Brianna has always worked hard and maintained a job, when she finally gathered the courage to leave her abusive relationship, her financial situation was heavily impacted. She’s struggling to pay the household bills on her own. A gift of $475 would allow Brianna to get back on her feet as a single mother in the new safe home she found for herself and her children.

107: Rachael is a 28-year-old mom of an infant boy, living in Norwalk with her husband and his family. Her husband has a seasonal job and makes just enough money to cover essential needs and pay their rent. Their baby was recently diagnosed with a rare allergy and can no longer tolerate breast milk and instead can only drink a specialized formula. However, the formula is incredibly expensive. A gift of $200 would help them buy the specialized formula that their baby needs.     

108: Jane is a single mother living in Norwalk. She and her son did not have a home and were sleeping in the car during the summer. Jane was able to secure stable employment and was working overnights to avoid sleeping in the car while her son stayed with a family friend. Jane struggled being away from her son, but ultimately knew she had to make temporary sacrifices to fix her situation for the long term. Jane was able to secure a new apartment and received financial assistance for her security deposit through FCA. A gift of $500 would help Jane buy some supplies for her new home, including beds and cookware, as they begin this next chapter.      

109: Alma is 56 years old and has custody of her toddler granddaughter. Due to health issues, Alma is no longer able to work and is struggling to care for her family. She has fallen behind on her utility bills and rent and sometimes goes without food to pay these bills. A gift of $485 would pay off her overdue electric bill and give Alma a bit of financial breathing room as the cold weather sets in.   

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