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Giving Day raises $1,465,246 for nonprofits

Giving Day raises $1,465,246 for nonprofits

Mar 10, 2017 | Donors

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation announced that Fairfield County’s Giving Day significantly surpassed last year’s totals by raising $1,465,246 from 13,718 donors. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and businesses from Fairfield County and beyond rallied together to give where they live and work. Fairfield County’s Community Foundation with champion sponsor Bank of America were Giving Day’s driving force for the fourth year in a row. Since Giving Day’s inception more than $4.5 million dollars has been raised.

As the region’s biggest philanthropic event, Giving Day allowed the community to come together and make a difference. More than 410 nonprofits participated to raise much-needed funds and to increase awareness about the amazing work they do throughout the region.

“Nonprofit organizations are the cornerstones of our communities and supporting these groups is vital to creating a healthy economy in Southern Connecticut,” said Bill Tommins, Southern Connecticut market president, Bank of America. “Bank of America is proud to be a part of the tremendous philanthropic movement that Fairfield County Giving Day inspires each year.”

The excitement of Giving Day began on March 9 at midnight. 13,718 Individuals went to and made donations of $10 or more to the nonprofit or cause close to their heart. In actuality, 17,359 individual donations in total were made. Then at the stroke of 11:59 p.m. Giving Day 2017 was over. The totals were tallied and the prize winners were determined. The top four organizations, representing different sectors in our nonprofit community, were as follows: Curtain Call, a performing theatre company in Stamford, raised $$105,048 in gifts and prizes, followed by human services, Norwalk-based Children & Family Agency at $60,310 and Kids Helping Kids at $58,821 and Weston-based Wildlife in Crisis that raised $53, 002. Details of the top nonprofit fundraisers, donors may be found at

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation initiated Giving Day to empower the community at large and encourage local philanthropy across the many avenues of need including hunger relief, access to housing, educational opportunities for youth and adults, animal welfare, access to arts and culture and so many more.

“At Fairfield County’s Community Foundation we live by our motto — Together, we thrive. And Thrive is exactly what we did when members of our community, nonprofit organizations and businesses united to achieve for the fourth year an outpouring of support for the people and places that are served so admirably by our nonprofit sector,” said Juanita James, CEO and president, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. “Giving Day 2017 is etched in our history for all the great work that can now be achieved through the generosity of the people and businesses of Fairfield County and beyond. We are truly humbled and deliriously happy.”

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation wants you to know that your gift — whatever the size — significantly helped our nonprofit community.


source Fairfield Sun