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Giving Back in a Real Way

Giving Back in a Real Way

Jun 25, 2017 | Volunteers

Kristi and her family have been connected with Family & Children’s Agency for more than five years. Kristi served as committee member for the Agency’s largest annual fundraiser, IMAGINE, in 2011 and solicited sponsors to support that year’s event. “I had heard about the Agency from several friends who were very connect with the Agency and their work in the community,” said Kristi. From there, her role grew into an understanding and passion for the work the Agency does.

Kristi and her family began to host events for the children and families in Agency programs, and soon Kristi’s children began to volunteer with the Agency as well. “I always knew that I would get my children involved with volunteering. Family & Children’s Agency was a great way to introduce them,” Kristi said.
“Zoe [16, pictured], my daughter, who is a nutrition freak, got involved by donating healthy snacks to the ASPIRE after-school program,” she shares. “She also volunteered with the summer program for two weeks and loved it so much, that she now volunteers every Friday afternoon.”

Family & Children’s Agency is grateful to the Lieberman family and our countless other volunteers who find the time in their busy lives to give back to their community. “We all want to do something nice for people in the community, and after seeing the dedicated hard-work FCA’s staff is doing, it’s good to be a small part of that, and to give back in a real way,” said Kristi.