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Amira’s Story

Amira’s Story

Nov 29, 2021 | Donors

“I was in a lost space, mentally and

That’s how Amira describes her state
of mind when she started a relationship
with a man who quickly became abusive.

“I lost myself,” she said.

For three years Amira was abused physically and controlled financially, tied
to her abuser through an infant daughter they shared. Amira’s three-year-old
daughter from a previous relationship went to live with her father, separated
from Amira to keep her safe. But being without her child drove Amira into even
deeper depression.

Finally, one day, her landlord called Child Protective Services, a call Amira says
was an answer to her prayers.

“He saved me,” she said.

Amira was quickly moved into a domestic violence shelter with her infant
daughter and the clothes on her back. There, she was connected with the Family
Support program at Family & Children’s Agency.

Through FCA, Amira worked on her goals, was given basic items like diapers and
food, and attended therapy. She didn’t want her daughters to think domestic
violence is acceptable, and started focusing on restarting her life and getting
her oldest daughter back.

Amira spent nine months at the shelter before finding an apartment, a moment
she remembers sharing with her FCA worker as they literally jumped for joy.
Together they completed paperwork, and FCA helped her get furniture, school
supplies, and child care. Now, with both her girls under one roof, a good job, and
control of her own finances, she said she feels safe, settled, and stronger than
ever. She’s even thinking about going back to school to become a social worker
to help others in similar situations.

“I’m a warrior,” she said, a clear change in the way she sees herself from her
mindset while in that abusive relationship. “I got a second chance.”

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