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A Poem for Foster Care Parents

A Poem for Foster Care Parents

Jun 05, 2019 |

This poem was written and presented by a young person in FCA’s Specialized Foster Care program.


A program, a system

Built on the morals, the goals

The inspiration, the dream

Of helping kids like me

Helping kids like me see

That there is light at the end of the tunnel

Giving us opportunity after opportunity

To escape the closed-off world that we come from

Chance after chance to make new friends

Chance after chance to better ourselves

At the root of all this

Are the saints: the caregivers

The families

The families that nurture our minds and hearts

The families that deal with all of the angst

The families that work so hard to make us feel loved

Sadly, my peers and i

Don’t always show a return of all this effort and love

We just don’t show it

For some, we were taught that showing emotion is weakness

For others, we have a history of accepting love

And getting hurt cause of it


We do

We do appreciate you

We do care for you

And above all else we love you

Not because we live in your homes

Not because you provide what we need

But because you’re THERE

All around you show more compassion and support

Than any social worker or therapist could ever

So for all of this

I, on behalf of my peers and my self, thank you

Not just FCA as a whole but for each and every one of the parents here tonight

I thank the saints that taught us what love is