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Honoring Dan O’Connor

Honoring Dan O’Connor

Nov 07, 2023 |

The Anne C. Cary Volunteerism Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated the highest level of volunteerism on behalf of Family & Children’s Agency. The award is named in honor of Anne C. Cary, who was involved in nearly every aspect of volunteerism at the Agency for over 25 years. Anne volunteered in FCA’s Maternal Child programs and provided clients with literacy education and support. She was also a Board member and worked on a variety of fundraising initiatives, including hosting a fashion show and a Mother’s Day Tea in Darien.

This year’s Anne C. Cary Volunteerism Award is presented to Daniel F. O’Connor.

Dan has been an integral part of FCA’s Board of Directors since 2006, dedicating his time and expertise to further our mission. Over the years, he has been actively involved in several committees including the Adult and Senior Program Committee from 2014 to 2016 and the Risk Management Committee from 2014 to the present. With a wealth of experience in the insurance industry, Dan’s insights have been invaluable in the Risk Management Committee’s diligent assessment of potential risks and liabilities associated with service delivery.

One of Dan’s remarkable contributions is his unwavering commitment to our annual review of Agency insurance policies, playing a pivotal role in the meticulous evaluation of all Agency insurance coverages providing essential guidance to our management team.

In recognition of his remarkable years of service on our Board, which have undeniably enhanced the Agency’s operation and effectiveness, we are thrilled to honor Dan O’Connor with the 2023 Anne C. Cary Volunteerism Award.