Family and Children's Agency


How to Use Personal Alert

In a potentially hazardous or risky situation, or if you’ve experienced a fall, you are encouraged to contact our Care Center by pressing your Personal Alert help button. Within seconds a Care Center representative will make voice contact over your Personal Alert unit. We will monitor your situation until we know you are safe and secure.

Research shows that more than one-third of adults, ages 65 and older, fall each year, and 50 percent of those who fall require assistance from someone else. After a fall or an emergency, about 90 percent of the people who get help within one hour are able to continue living independently. 

1.) Call for Care

Simply push your Personal Care Help Button, which activates the Personal Alert unit. The unit dials the Care Center and establishes two-way communications.



2. Care Center Answers

Within seconds, you’ll hear the voice of a friendly Care Center Representative who will assess your situation.




3. The Help You Need

Depending on your situation, the Care Center Representative with either stay on the line or contact a loved one, neighbor, or emergency services based on your specific needs.

If emergency help is needed, the Care Center Representative will assist you until help has arrive and you are safe.