Family and Children's Agency


Not Just For Emergencies

Care Calls

As part of our standard service, and as an added benefit to our clients, we offer Care Calls. Care calls are non-emergency calls that offer our clients greater peace of mind during potentially hazardous or risky situations.

Examples of Care Calls:

  • A stranger at the door
  • Hearing noise at night
  • Ascending and descending stairs
  • Inclement weather; i.e. flooding, storm
  • Before walking to the mailbox or walking your dog in rain or snow
  • Feeling faint or dizzy
  • Having shortness of breath or chest pains
  • Arriving home after dark
  • Assistance for another family member or friend
  • Celebrating special days; i.e. birthday
  • Before taking a walk or going to a garage or barn

How They Work

In a potentially hazardous or risky situation, you are encouraged to contact our Care Center by pressing your Personal Help Button.

Within seconds a Care Center Representative will make voice contact over your Personal Alert unit. We will monitor your situation until we know you are safe and secure.

For example, if you are leaving your house briefly, we will mutually agree on a time to check-in with you via your Personal Alert Unit. If no contact is made, we will attempt to call you by phone. If no one answers, we will call your responders for assistance. If necessary, we will call the local police or EMS to request assistance.