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Focus on KIDS

Focus on KIDS (Knowledge, Insight, Decisions, Solutions) is a program for parents in high-conflict separations and divorce. It gives parents the knowledge and insight which will enable them to make good decisions leading to solutions in the best interest of their children.

The program’s primary goal is to teach high-conflict divorcing or divorced parents what they need to do in order to give their children the care they need. Through this program, parents learn sills they can apply to flight less, communicate better and problem-solve to benefit their kids. This program is offered in partnership with the Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies.

Why take this approach?

The program is based on the belief that in the end parents are responsible for the decisions that affect their children. But high-conflict divorcing or divorced parents often find it very hard to get beyond their own emotions about their divorce. In these cases, their children suffer.

And while the focus of a divorce is often on the Parenting Plan W’s (Who, Where and When), we believe the way parents relate to and about one another when they are with their kids, has the biggest affect – good or bad – on their kids.

We teach parents how to interact in ways that our focused on what the kids need — not on old hurts and anger.

How is the program organized?

It’s Fair and Balanced: Parents always meet together, never alone, with their counselor. Meetings usually last 1 hour.

It’s Focused on Results: The sessions help parents do what is best for their children, regardless of how they feel.

It’s Individualized: The goals that are set match the particular needs of parents and their children.

It’s Flexible. The number of sessions depends on the needs of the parents. There is no upfront commitment. Most couples achieve their goals in 6-8 sessions.

It Tracks Decisions: After each meeting, each parent and all attorneys receive a written summary so everyone understands what decisions and agreements were made.

It’s there when you need it: Parents can return at any time to the program if they need some more help to work through new problems in the future.

Cost of Program

The parent’s combined income determines the fees per visit, which also includes all materials. Payment must be made at the time of each visit. The cost per visit is usually split equally between partners.

For More Information

For more information on Focus on KIDS, contact Tiffany McCarthy, Director, Family Support and Intervention, at (203) 855-8765 or email