Children and Families


Specialized Foster Care

The Specialized Foster Care program at Family & Children’s Agency provides loving homes for children with serious emotional and behavioral disorders.


The Therapeutic Foster Care Program is designed to provide homes for children who have been diagnosed with a serious psychiatric disorder. Foster parents in this program receive training and support so they can actively participate in the planning and implementation of therapeutic interventions for their foster children. Each foster parent receives 30 hours of pre-service training and a minimum of 24 hours post-approval training annually.

Medically Complex 

The Medically Complex Foster Care Program provides homes for children with complex medical needs. Foster parents in this program receive an additional 20 hours of classroom and child-specific training prior to placement. Medically complex parents are also required to obtain CPR and First Aid certification.

Family and Community Ties 

The Family and Community Ties Foster Care Program is for children who are experiencing extreme behavioral or emotional problems. The program provides alternatives to, and transitions from, residential placements. Through high quality intensive clinical services, the program provides support and structure to youths with complex needs, to their foster families and to biological families. The children remain in the program for up to eighteen months. A unique aspect of the program is that foster parents serve as full members of the treatment team and will, thus, complete training that far exceeds the requirements of Therapeutic or Medically Complex foster care programs. The program combines a “wrap-around” approach to service delivery with professional parenting.

Life Skills

FCA provides the “Ansell-Casey Life Skills Program” to adolescents in foster care in the Norwalk/Stamford area. This 12-month program provides individual guidance, as well as group support, for youths moving out of the foster care system and into independent living. Referrals to this program are made directly from the Department of Children and Families.

For More Information

For more information on our Foster Care programs, contact Deborah Tadduni, Director of Specialized Foster Care at (203) 523-5322 or e-mail