Children and Families



Child FIRST (Child and Family Interagency Resource, Support, and Training) is a home-based early childhood intervention program that works to decrease the incidence of serious emotional disturbance, developmental and learning problems, and abuse and neglect among high-risk young children and families.

Through a community collaboration with Mid Fairfield Child Guidance Center and the Norwalk Community Health Center, Child FIRST identifies children (prenatally through age five years) living in high-risk environments or who show the earliest signs of emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems.  Children are identified through screening and/or mental health consultation in community sites or through referral from a community partner who is concerned about the well-being of a young child. The Child FIRST model, takes a two-pronged approach:

Intensive home visiting intervention:

Comprehensive assessment, home-based parent guidance and parent-child psychotherapeutic services.

Care coordination/Case Management:

Coordinated hands-on connection to community resources for all family members

This is provided by a team of a master’s level mental health clinicians and a care coordinator. Assessment and consultation in early care and education is an important part of this comprehensive approach.

Child FIRST Works!

Child FIRST has shown to be a very effective model of service for high risk families with young children who participate in the program. After participating in Child FIRST

  • Children are less likely to have language problems.
  • Children are less likely to have aggressive and defiant behaviors.
  • Mothers have significantly lower levels of depression and mental health problems.
  • Families are less likely to be involved with child protective services.


For more information on our Child FIRST, contact Meg Pyne Woglom, Manager, Family Support & Prevention Services at (203) 523-5341 or