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Complete a Home Study

No matter which type of adoption you choose to pursue, all prospective adoptive parents must have a home study or family study. The home study process involves education, preparation, and gathering information about the prospective adoptive parents.

The Home Study Process:
When Adopting from Outside CT and NY

If you are interested in one of our adoption programs, call or e-mail us to discuss your situation. We’ll help to put you in touch with an agency in your state that has experience in home studies for international adoptions. An international home study must comply with the Immigration standards so that the adoptive parent can obtain a visa to bring a child into the U.S. The home study must also comply with the particular requirements of the foreign country. That agency will do your home study according to the regulations of your state. During that process, a Program Coordinator at Family & Children’s Agency will be working with you on your dossier for the country where you wish to adopt.  Post-placement support is done by the agency in your state.

The Home Study Process
When Adopting from Inside CT and NY

Family & Children’s Agency can provide home study services for Connecticut and New York residents. The Agency’s cost for this service is $1,950.

An adoption home study is a document that is required by the state in which you live, the state in which you plan to adopt, Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and all international countries. It represents the parents as being approved by a licensed child-placing agency. (It is not a study of your home!)

Our home study process involves a dialogue between prospective adoptive parents and Family & Children’s Agency trained, experienced adoption professionals. It is a time for gathering useful, up-to-date information on all aspects of adoption, such as what adoptive families need to know about finding a child, legally adopting a child, bonding with the child and helping the child accept and understand adoption—which is a life-long issue, not a single event. The home study will help you assess your strengths and vulnerabilities as prospective parents.

Your social worker is your advocate during the home study process and as you become adoptive parents. It typically involves two visits to the Agency, and one visit (the last visit) to your home.

Most adoptive parents feel the home study has been a productive experience in which they established a relationship with Family & Children’s Agency and also learned a great deal about themselves and the special aspects of raising a family formed by adoption.

During the Home Study Process

During the Home Study Process Family & Children’s Agency provides the following services:

  • Pre-adoption counseling to help you select the best adoption plan for your situation
  • Educational groups to help you prepare to be an adoptive parent
  • Help in creating a personal adoption profile to be reviewed by prospective birth parents in the U.S.
  • References to books and web site on adoption for you and your child

After You’ve Completed Your Home Study

After you’ve completed your home study, Family & Children’s Agency provides pre-adoption workshops on specific adoption topics, such as:

  • taking care of yourself while you wait
  • the life cycle of the adopted child
  • gains and losses of the adoption triad
  • bonding and attachment
  • travel preparation for international adoption
  • health and development of children adopted abroad
  • Networking meetings for you to meet other waiting parents

Only agencies who are licensed and accredited, such as Family & Children’s Agency, can make child placements. Family & Children’s Agency, has the resources to legally transfer a specific child from the biological parent to the adoptive parent or from the orphanage abroad to the adoptive parent

When You’ve Completed Your Adoption

After you’ve completed your adoption, Family & Children’s Agency is still here for you. We provide the following resources:

  • Support and confidential counseling as your child grows
  • Annual social events and educational seminars
  • Agency newsletters, notices of workshops, play group networking, and parent activities

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