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Korea Adoptions

Family & Children’s Agency continues to accept applications for those interested in adopting from Korea.  Despite circulating rumors, adoptions from Korea will not end in 2012.

The Adoption Program at Family & Children’s Agency is one of the largest and most respected private non-profit adoption agencies in Connecticut.

Family & Children’s Agency is fully licensed and accredited according to State and Federal standards. The Adoption Department achieved Hague Accreditation through the Council on Accreditation in 2008 and is a member of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services.

Experts in Korea Adoptions

Since Family & Children’s Agency began its Korean Adoption Program in 1982, it has placed over 2,000 children in American homes. The adjustment of these children to their families has been outstanding.

The Agency’s work in Korea is anchored by a collaborative relationship with Social Welfare Society, (SWS) Inc., one of four private child placement agencies in Korea. SWS’s professionalism and the social work process ensure that infants are nurtured in private foster care and receive regular medical attention of the highest quality. We have found that SWS gives exceptional care to the Korean birth mothers and infants. Our Adoption Program staff visit Korean foster and baby reception homes affiliated with our programs on a regular basis.

We place Korean children throughout the United States.

Program Detail

Children Available Infant boys and girls (usually more boys than girls); usually arriving in the U.S. approximately at 12 to 18 months of age. The infant’s gender may not be specified for first adoption.
Cost Please call us for detailed information.
Parents’ Age Couples between the ages of 25 and 42.
Length of Marriage Must be married at least 3 years.
Divorce May apply if only one divorce by either applicant.
Single Applicants Not eligible.
Children in the Family Up to four children in the home
Other Requirements Korea has strict requirements related to physical health, mental health, and your body mass index. Please contact Family & Children’s Agency for a full list of requirements and to be pre-screened
Timeframe Families are receiving referrals approximately 10 months after their homestudy packet is received by SWS. Families traveling to Korea to receive their children 4-7 months from the time of accepting their child’s referral.
Travel to Korea Families are required to travel (usually a period of 5-7 days) where they will meet their child’s caseworker and foster parents.
Special Features of Family & Children’s Agency Program Infants are in individual foster care (not orphanages) while they await adoption. Medical reports from Korea are generally reliable. Additional information can be requested. We provide educational classes focusing on raising children born in Asia. Family & Children’s Agency provides an annual Roots Tour for adoptive families to travel back to Korea.

The Process

Home Study Connecticut and New York residents should apply for a home study with Family & Children’s Agency. Out-of-state adoptive parents need to obtain a home study from a licensed agency in their state.
Immigration Forms Once the home study is completed, parents need to apply immediately to Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) for permission to bring an orphan into the U.S. This involves obtaining and filing the I-600 A Form and arranging for a fingerprinting appointment.
Referral There is no dossier for Korea. Family & Children’s Agency will send your home study to SWS in Korea. The waiting time for a referral is up to 15 months. After you accept your referral, you can expect your child to arrive in approximately 4-7 months; however, this time frame can vary and can be affected by Korean government quotas. Families receive medical and social history on the child and the birth family, as well as photos of the child.
Follow-Up Follow-up support for the family will be provided by the home study agency in the family’s state of residence. This consists of three post-placement visits over a 6 month period to help with the infant’s adjustment and the finalization of the adoption in the local court.

For More Information

For more information on our Korean Adoption program, contact Darlene Cirilli, Adoption Coordinator, Korea Program at (860) 586-2365 or email

For General Adoption Questions, contact (203) 855-8765 or email