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Foster Care Adoptions

Family & Children’s Agency has been working cooperatively with Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) since the 1970’s, to find adoptive families for children placed in foster care with DCF who are unable to return to the care of their birth parents. Nearly all of the children have been placed in foster care because their parents have been unable to care for them, often due to substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

Our work with DCF helps children who often have had a difficult start in life join a family who can offer the stability, attention, and love that they need and deserve.

There are children of all ages but the majority of children are typically in the 0-5 age range and about half are part of a sibling group.

Program Details

Children Available Children of all ages, races and cultural backgrounds are currently in foster care awaiting permanent families.
Cost Please contact us for detailed information.
Parents’ Age Family & Children’s Agency does not have specific age limits, but DCF Permanency Teams choose the families for each child and may have ideas about age ranges for the adoptive parent(s) of a particular child.
Marriage All applicants will be considered
Divorce May adopt
Singles May adopt
Children in the Family Families with children are welcome to apply
Timeframe Varies as there are many different factors that go into the matching of children and families, but it is not unusual to wait for a year.
Residence This program is open to residents of Connecticut only
Travel Requirements None

The Process

Home Study The home study process includes individual and group education about adopting children who have backgrounds of abuse and neglect, and may have endured multiple placements in foster care. After completing the home study, Family & Children’s Agency works to register prospective families with the Adoption Resource Exchange (ARE). As DCF social workers register children on their caseload who need adoptive families, the ARE will send out all of the homestudies of prospective families who could be a match for the child.
Placement Family & Children’s Agency helps the adoptive family obtain as much background information on the child and his or her birth family as they can, so that they are able to make an informed decision about proceeding with the adoption of a specific child.  After a visiting period where the child and family can become more familiar with each other, placement takes place. Visitation typically occurs over about a two week period. Post placement services are provided through DCF or Family & Children’s Agency to support the child and family.

For More Information

For more information on our Foster Care Adoption programs, contact Nancy Horowitz, LCSW, Social Worker, Adoption, at (203) 855-8765 or toll free at (800) 313-1562 or email

For general Adoption information, contact (203) 855-8765 or email