Family and Children's Agency

How To Help

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Gather your fundraising team or work individually to raise funds for Family & Children’s Agency.  Here are a few creative and fun ways you can raise funds for the Agency:

  • Host a birthday or holiday party, and ask your guests to make a donation to Family & Children’s Agency in honor of your birthday, or in lieu of a hostess or holiday gift.
  • Host a “friendraiser” or fundraising gathering in your home:  a tea, coffee, brunch, barbeque, or cocktail reception.
  • Organize a fundraising event to raise funds for a specific Agency need, such as diapers or bus tokens. Plan a fundraiser with co-workers and ask your employer to support your fundraiser with a matching donation.
  • Organize a neighborhood tag sale and donate the proceeds to Family & Children’s Agency.

For more information, please contact Janina Serrao at (203) 523-5719 or