Family and Children's Agency

About Us


At Family & Children’s Agency, our values guide us in all our services and activities.

Professionalism, Integrity, and Excellence

We conduct business in an ethical and professional manner while offering programs of a superior quality.

Proactive Approach to Meeting Community Needs

We anticipate and act upon community and client needs and develop or enhance services as societal changes emerge. We maintain Agency flexibility and respond creatively to challenges and opportunities.

Strength-Based, Solution Focused Approach

We integrate a strength-based, solution focused approach in our work that regards each client not only as a person in need of support and guidance but as one who possesses inner strengths that can be identified to successfully overcome challenges.

Accessibility for All

We have a strong commitment to the principle of accessibility for all to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

Support Diversity

We continually seek to reflect and support the diversity of our clients among our staff and members of the Board of Directors.