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The Agency Welcomes Julene Greenshields as the Board of Directors Chairman

Family & Children’s Agency welcomes Julene Greenshields as the new Board of Directors Chairman. Julene’s involvement with the Agency spans more than a decade, and she has served on the Board of Directors, most recently as Board Secretary, for four years.

Julene’s first contact with Family & Children’s Agency began nearly ten ago when she attended a Mother’s Day Tea to support the Maternal Outreach and Mentoring Service

(MOMS) Project with Prevention Services. According to Julene, as she heard the Agency staff describe the program, which provides education and support to high-risk pregnant families to increase the number of healthy babies and reduce child abuse, she knew she wanted to become more involved in the Agency.Julene began hosting Mother’s Day Teas herself and became involved with the Agency’s development efforts. This year’s IMAGINE 2013: A Night in Italy will be the fifth Benefit Julene has co-chaired, including IMAGINE 2009 and 2011, which were hosted by Julene and her husband at their home. Julene continues to support clients of the Agency in many different capacities, including most recently hosting a Holiday Tea in support of Homeless Services, sponsoring a family for the Agency’s Holiday Giving Program, and providing new mattresses for clients of the Agency who recently lost many items in their home from a bed bug infestation. Although Julene has said she feels each of the Agency’s services are critical, she greatly admires the work in Homeless Services, Project REWARD, an addiction recovery program for women, and the Mentoring program with Youth Development.“Throughout the years, I’ve remained committed to Family & Children’s Agency because they offer so many different services to those in need right in our own backyard,”says Julene. “The staff at the Agency provide a foundation of care. They give people hope, dignity, and understanding, and enable them to be more successful in their lives. Family & Children’s Agency is a very nurturing environment and builds a sense of community in us.”

For more information, please contact Marion Herbert, Manager, Communications, at

(203) 523-5777 or email